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    The Runners of the Wild is a community of like-minded trail runners around the world who feel more at home outside on the trails than in our busy modern lives.  

    When you join Runners of the Wild you will get:

    1. Exclusive gear branded with our Runners of the Wild logo.

    2. A year long discount at Territory Run Co. from 15-25% off .

    3. Discounts and deals for Roll Recovery, Intent Instant Coffee, Goodr Sunglasses and and our partner races such as The Volcanic 50k that circumnavigates Mt St Helens, Daybreak Racing, Shasta Trail Runs in Northern California, Moonbow Ultra in Kentucky and more.  

     Aspire Adventure Running and Highline Running Adventures will be offering discounts to all their trips and retreats and we will be creating several of our own Runners of the Wild retreats around the country.

    4.We will help facilitate members to network, meetup and go on running trips of their own.  

    It is going to be a great year of connecting!


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    The Runners of the Wild celebrate the journey of all trail runners and create a network of like minded trail runners all over the world. 

    If you are traveling to new places you can connect with others to obtain info on the best trails, potentially have someone to run with and even a place to crash. 

    Over the past two years, we grew the Portland Runners of the Wild to a point where it has connected over 100 people to new running partners and strong friendships.

    Now we want to accept more people to the team in order to grow communities elsewhere, as we have done in Portland.

    Members have access to a facebook group and team list to network, find running partners, to create group runs and social events.


    Our Featured Runners of the Wild