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    Sam Masters

    Favorite home trail

    There is nothing like an immediate escape from the city life. Middlesex Fells has incredible terrain and reservoirs where you can get lost for hours through the pine trees on single track. Though, if you can commit time to a day trip, The White Mountains is where I call home. From the Franconia Ridge Loop to the Presidential Traverse, there is no shortage of stunning views, water falls, icy rivers, exposed ridge lines and beer waiting for you in the rivers below. 

    Why I run

    Mainly so I can stuff my face with burritos... You think I'm kidding. I also run to feel free, alive and immerse myself in a bigger world than myself. When challenging yourself to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion, you learn about yourself and what you are capable of. I have worked in health care for close to a decade and realize that, not only for myself, but for others to challenge themselves in this way creates healthier living and allows many to conquer their physical and mental health battles. With that, when you run with others, you obtain a sense of tribalism and family that is invaluable and the support unconditional. Running is life.

    Boston's best kept secret

    1) When going to Fenway, buy peanuts from the vendor outside of Boston Beer Works. It's the only vendor that actually roasts their own. 2) Park at Nahant Beach, but run the trails and roads all the way to the point of Nahant where you will have a beach to yourself (due to resident only parking), crashing waves and dramatic cliffs. 

    Best place for Pizza or tacos

    Pizza: Ottos in Brookline
    Tacos:  Naco Taco in Cambridge